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A Twitter Chat is like attending a fun networking event except you don’t have to leave your house!

Our Monday night events always attract between 30 and 50 women. This is by far, the best way to make new professional connections online AND pick up some new ideas and perspectives from like-minded women!

JOIN US > Every Monday at 5 PST / 8pm EST. We feature a different topic every week.  Click @Ambitionista to learn about this week’s topic.



“The #Ambitionista chat is giving me life tonight! The exchange of energy & wisdom between goal-oriented women is a beautiful thing.” @steelers_girl78


“I’m feeling really empowered! I’m really glad I got to stop in and learn from others!” @WillowBlythe


“I adore the ladies I meet through the #Ambitionista chat. Great conversation with some awesome women!” @AshleiFender


“I’m so happy to have joined such a dynamic community of ambitious women.” @DesiMSlaughter


“Thank you for an amazing chat! I will definitely be back; I am so inspired by the women I have met!” @AshlynLevesque


“Thanks for the great Twitter chats and Facebook group! I love connecting with these amazing women!” @lemonandthesea


“Serious blessings spread from in the #Ambitionista chat every week! The positivity of the ladies is so inspiring!” @MsAleia



A Twitter chat is a fun way for a group of people to talk via Twitter about a pre-determined topic with the help of a moderator to keep the conversation on track.

Twitter chats utilize a hashtag (#) to aggregate all threads of the conversation. The #Ambitionista chats take place every Monday at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern and last 1 hour.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE Log in to Twitter and search using the hashtag #Ambitionista to confirm the time and date of the chat. Try using to more easily follow the conversation.

You might want to tweet in advance to let your followers know you’ll be participating in a chat. This is a nice way to support the host and let your network know you may be a bit noisy during that time.

At 8pm EST, the moderator (@MiraJoleigh) will welcome participants. For the next hour she will ask questions and generally keep the conversation on track.

Spend a moment getting familiar with the flow of the chat. What is the theme? Who is talking? What questions have been posted?

When the moderator @MiraJoleigh posts a question using the format Q1, Q2, Q3… please answer using the format A1, A2, A3.


It is NOT OK to use a twitter chat stream to market your own product or services. It steps on the toes of the moderator and looks spammy. Just don’t do it.

Also avoid posting photos or GIFS during the chat, it distracts from the conversation can be annoying to the other participants. Let’s keep the focus on our topic and our special guest.


Always use the hashtag (#Ambitionista) so people can follow along.

Stay on topic.

Share tweets from within the chat with your network, by re-tweeting and adding comments.

Have fun!

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